About Me - Joe Stallard

About Joe Stallard

Hi, my name is Joe and as you have guessed, I’m a photographer. Having been given my first 35mm camera as a child, so young I can’t remember the make or model, the craving to take beautiful pictures started early. Joining the school photography club where I honed my skills of wet film and photography basics.

I started a career in engineering, which I have enjoyed for many years, but the creative me grew ever stronger, developing the art of photography. Now a professional photographer based in Wiltshire, that creative me is now at the surface with a passion to take the perfect picture, a beautiful picture.

My other passion is for the classic VW Beetle and Transporters and especially Split Screen Campers. Having restored a few in my time and I have used the word "passion" for a reason, it has to be a love affair to keep a number of nearly 50 year old vehicles on the road in daily use. I always drive with a smile on my face.

Photographs are taken to remind us, to capture a moment in time of the world around us and the ones we love. These pictures should make you say WOW and cherished for a lifetime. That is where I come in, to help you capture those moments that matter. To discuss your requirement further. t: 07856 351072 e: info@joestallardphotography.co.uk or complete the form in the contact me section.

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